Where Women Gather

Where Women Gather

Monthly Group Sessions

Do you wish to create more deep and meaningful relationships with other women? To have a group of friends that you can trust with your deepest secrets, fears and maybe even more vulnerable, your heart? Where Women Gather is a space where you can feel acceptance and discover your purpose. Learn how to express yourself, explore your inner goddess and create meaningful relationships.

We will explore:

· Heart connection practices
· Expression through movement
· Embodied feminine practices
· Communication tools

Introductory Session (only offered once per year)
Pre-registration is required.

Date:            March 29, 2023
Time:            7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Cost:             $20 refundable seat deposit

“This group has inspired confidence, connection and compassion to a level that I have never experienced before.”


" This group allowed me a space, without judgement from others, to share my failings and victories, learn how to hold space and open my heart to others, ground my energy, connect with my inner goddess and carry these traits with me daily. As a facilitator, Cindy Ferrige is very intuitive as to the needs of her pupils. Her empathic nature allows her to ensure everyone is comfortable and feels safe. She is a beautiful woman full of love."

"The creation of a truly safe place for women to come together as a strong, supportive group of sister Goddesses is one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had. It was a journey into understanding, healing and trust - of myself and others - that couldn't be duplicated in any other environment. Thanks to you Cindy, and to all your support in providing this group."

"Cindy has a way of encouraging me that I have never found in anyone else. Her deep heartfelt contact and her deeply grounded energy are both encouraging and inspiring. Being a part of this group allows me to express the most vulnerable parts of myself but in a way that is both safe and exciting."