Where Women Gather

Where Women Gather

Monthly Group Sessions

Do you wish to create more deep and meaningful relationships with other women? To have a group of friends that you can trust with your deepest secrets, fears and maybe even more vulnerable, your heart? Where Women Gather is a space where you can feel acceptance and discover your purpose. Learn how to express yourself, explore your inner goddess and create meaningful relationships.

We will explore:

· Heart connection practices
· Expression through movement
· Embodied feminine practices
· Communication tools

Introductory Session (only offered once per year)
Pre-registration is required.

Date:            April 13, 2022
Time:            7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Cost:             $20 refundable seat deposit

"This work opened my mind for learning about and loving more of myself"


“My heart felt nourished and opened with gratitude! I felt safe, held and deeply loved!”


“This group has inspired confidence, connection and compassion to a level that I have never experienced before.”