Your journey.
Your truth.

Your journey.
Your truth.

Intimacy Coaching

Individual, couples or group sessions

Experience the full potential of your erotic being.

Where Women Gather

Group Sessions

Explore your inner goddess and create meaningful relationships.


One on one sessions and couples sessions

Free yourself from internal barriers and create a more peaceful mind.

The Enlightenment Intensive:

Unveiling the True You

A 5-Day Journey to Clarity, Authenticity, and Inner Peace

with Cindy Ferrige & Sara Gebriel
May 16-20, 2024
Caroline, Alberta

My Dear Friends,
I want to share something truly special with you:
The Enlightenment Intensive Meditation Retreat.

This unique and transcendent approach bridges the ancient meditation practice of contemplating “Who am I?” or “What am I?” with a modern approach of sitting with another and communicating what occurs as a result of this contemplation.

The Enlightenment Intensive has been held all over the world since its development in 1968, and is known for its ability to produce profound spiritual awakenings.

Everyone is welcome. The Enlightenment Intensive is not a part of any religion or doctrine, and there is no belief system to adopt. Rather, the safe container is held so that you may make your own journey within, to open to Who You Are and the nature of reality.

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