Intimacy Coaching

Intimacy Coaching

Group, Couples or Individual Sessions

Do you feel sexually disconnected, from yourself or from your partner? Is your intimate life boring, predictable or non-existent? Would you like to put the spark back in your relationship and connect to your erotic self?

I am a Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach™.

Working together, I can help you develop a plan to enjoy a lifetime of satisfying sex and intimacy. Learn about the five sexual types, the positive and shadow aspects of each and how you can experience pleasure with yourself or with your partner in ways you never could have thought possible!

Together we will:

· Discover which of the sexual types you most identify with
· Use body mapping to explore your turn-ons
· Learn to satisfy yourself and your partner
· Speak, heal and expand knowledge of your sexual type

“Transformational! I felt deeply supported in my journey"


“Working with Cindy has taught me how to really communicate with my body and own my pleasure, in whatever wonderful shape and form it may be.”


"I'm expanded and juicy in my body. I feel pleasure in my loins and womb. I'm joyful and feel adventurous, exploring aspects I had no idea were there lying dormant in my being. I am willing to go places I haven't gone before intimately, sexually and personally."

Lynne – Calgary, Alberta

"I am now in a much more relaxed space in my being. Open to communicate about my sexuality. I don't have the guilt I felt before and have an openness to exploring my shadow side from a place of adventure instead of fear. I feel more connected to my partner and I feel much more confident and aware of my sexual needs and desires and have the ability to ask and communicate that to my partner. "

Kerry – Calgary, Alberta

"I am now free to express my needs without fear. I am free to explore my Blueprints myself and WITH my partner. I am free to explore my partners' Blueprint without the negative feelings I had at first. I am free to give him what he desires because now I am aware of what that is! I am free to enjoy my body in a way I have never before. I have learned that sex is a huge part of our relationship and it takes effort and planning to maintain it."

Jan – Alberta