Mind Clearing

Individual Sessions

Do you want to be free from the internal barriers that are stopping you from enjoying a successful and fulfilled life?

Mind Clearing takes place in a face-to-face, counselling-style setting and addresses areas that are of interest to you. This gentle guided self-inquiry practice will help you “clear” your mind so you may experience release from mental, emotional and relationship distress.

Together we can:

· Set boundaries
· Learn communication tools
· Find your life’s purpose
· Stop negative habits
· Help heal from trauma or difficult experiences

Emotional Clearing

Individual Sessions (Consultation required)

Emotional Clearing is an extension of Mind Clearing. If during traumatic incidents emotions are not fully experienced or communicated, they can be stored in the body. Emotional Clearing helps you to find release and healing through guided self-inquiry. This is not recommended before a level of success has been achieved in Mind Clearing.

“You heard my heart and helped me connect with what was important”


"Awareness of the past, revisited it with acceptance and joy."


"The one and only time in my life, I was given an opportunity to release the deepest shame through total embrace and acceptance from an amazing clearer, giving me space to breathe and continue life in lightness and freedom."


"I have found that with Cindy’s intuitive wisdom, clearing skills, and loving support, I leave a session infinitely better than I arrive. As a trained clearer, I definitely know and appreciate talent when I experience it!"


"I saw how to resolve my issues so that I could feel good in life and have a good relationship."