My Karma Clearing Intensive was so special and I don’t think I fully understand the impact yet – but I can see how the process and the intensive has been changing me and the way I am in life.

As a coach and a counsellor myself – it helped me profoundly. I had so many stuck thoughts from the years of working with people – all the mistakes I’ve made, that were still stuck in my mind – and by looking at them and sharing them I was able to find a new sense of freedom. I now think I certainly need to do this regularly. Feeling guilty didn’t help at all – in fact I noticed myself being resentful to certain clients, or resentful to do this work. Looking at the past honestly, learning from mistakes, being able to let it go – created so much spaciousness and helped me reconnect with my purpose again. I no longer feel resentful.

I can see how past mistakes were holding me back (out of fear to repeat them, or just feeling guilty or ashamed) now I feel much more confident to move on, to continue with my work. I’m less afraid to make mistakes.

I was able to differentiate between my thoughts of guilt or shame or regret from who I AM. I could witness those thoughts in my mind, but I could observe them clearly rather that immediately react emotionally. Also a few times I could clearly see that “I should” or “I shouldn’t” doesn’t really apply, because “I DID” – I could see the reality, this is what happened, this is what I did, and the judgment and the emotional weight that comes after is unnecessary and sometimes doesn’t even make sense.

I noticed just how much more I can be aware of when my mind is clear. It’s like a state of a very deep mediation, even better.

I noticed I’m feeling much much less guilt or shame about my past now, and I am much less judgmental about other people.

I can feel more compassion.

I also feel stronger, in my power. Like a heavy weight has been lifted and it doesn’t hold me back anymore.

I find it much easier to own my mistakes and to take responsibility and do what it takes to clean up my act, or fix the relationship if there was damage done.

I find myself having so much less charge and reactivity towards certain people in my life. It’s gone. I didn’t even have to do anything about it.

I had many insights – about how some guilt that I carry is not mine, about how profoundly freeing it is to do this work.

I’m sure there’s more. It’s been a few months since the intensive, but i still feel the impact of it. It wasn’t a fleeting high, and the old patterns didn’t come back. It had created a transformation and cleared space for new growth and a life that is more peaceful and joyful. Rovena

Calgary, Alberta

The experience of the Session Intensive that I had is profound in many ways. I am more at peace with myself and free from my past. Cindy has a huge capacity to receive others. She has the ability to go directly to the issue with love and compassion. I definitely recommend Cindy and the amazing value from clearing to anyone who is ready to do the work.

With gratitude Carole

Surrey, BC

I approached Cindy about setting up a Mind Clearing session to help me gain clarity on my Life Purpose – something I had been struggling with for the past seven years. I had been avoiding the growing question and was feeling unfulfilled, directionless, and uncertain of what my next steps towards that unknown purpose might be.

Within the hour and a half Mind Clearing session with Cindy I was able to acknowledge my barriers, connect with the values that drive my passion, gain clarity on what my ultimate purpose on this planet is, and determine the next steps in my journey.

Cindy creates an open, safe space for the clearing processes to unfold, and her innate intuitive understanding and deep, healing love comes through in her work to allow a transformative experience for her clients.

Within three weeks of my first Mind Clearing session, I resigned at my office job to explore my passions and registered for a program that feels in alignment with my Life Purpose. I have felt a huge shift in my perspective on how I can live in Truth more in my life and I feel immense joy for the opportunities ahead of me – and I give credit to the excellent service provided by Cindy Ferrige. Aleisha

Edmonton, Alberta

I look forward to my weekly coaching with Cindy. It feels like something is missing when we skip a week. When I started, most of the clearing was prompted by her. I’m now able to do some of the work on my own, so we can go deeper in my sessions.

I’m calmer, more focused, and clearer. The hurricane inside of me is much smaller and often is nonexistent. I’m now able to set boundaries easily. I’m able to feel safe landing ‘in’ my body without needing another person present.

I would trust Cindy with the deepest, darkest parts of me. I’d recommend her to anyone wanting to clear a problem and/or go within. She is a spectacular guide! Sheri

Edmonton, Alberta

Cindy is a fearless clearer. She was not afraid to come back to an issue time and time again with love and understanding to help me directly name it, understand it, demolish it. She helped me to see things that my own mind didn’t want to confront and wanted to keep hidden from me. She helped me lift myself to the next level of my abilities in order to deal with the problem. I am grateful to her for her commitment to mind clearing and would recommend her excellent services to anyone who is ready to look within. Debra

Vancouver, British Columbia

Cindy has been so good to sit down and work with every week. Her skill and intuition as a clearer has been instrumental in my personal growth. She has helped me break through blockages I have had for years and ones I didn’t know I had. Every week I think I have nothing to work on, and every week I come away from our session so much lighter. It has been enlightening, and inspiring. I would recommend clearing, and clearing with Cindy to anyone, and already have to my family and friends. Audrey

Vancouver, British Columbia

6 weeks ago I had a Clearing intensive from Cindy Ferrige. After we finished, I felt like something had significantly changed. I felt different; freed up and lighter.

I’ve had a lot of experience doing different healing therapies and the like. You feel good after awhile and then the “good” wears off. My work with Cindy, has not “worn off”. I highly recommend that you work with this woman. It seems like she was born to do what she does.

I would suggest her incredible work to anyone who wants a real change in their life or awareness. Cynthia Spillman, Artist

Aptos, California

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