Sex and Romance Clearing Project

In this day and age most people have a history with sex and romance by the time they reach middle age.

This project will require a readiness to go over this area in an honest and truthful search.

There are the areas that we hold guilt or shame, this is where you tell the truth about your own feelings and transgressions. Examples in this area can be masturbation, sex before marriage, abortion, pornography, affairs, fantasies, etc. Whatever category the powerful world of desires has drawn you toward.
In this process you’ll move through all of the experiences that you’ve had, be they memorable firsts, one night stands, long and short-term relationships, marriage/marriages…the list is long.

We will go into the memories of those you will love forever. Have those loves been fully acknowledged?

If you are single and find you end up in the same place after each relationship ends, your patterns in choosing a partner will be understood through this process.

We will go over anyone who did you wrong in the area of love or sex.

If you feel like you’ve played it to safe in the area of sex and romance and you mainly have regrets around what you didn’t do, this process will still be useful. Issues stack up around our not-doing as well as around our doings.

It will take more than just a weekend of sessions because as you uncover one layer, deeper layers get exposed, sometimes days later. Long hidden memories and areas of the fulfilment or upset arise, wanting to be heard. So this process may take weeks to complete.

The past moves into the past and stops preventing anything better from taking place in the present. In completing this project, you could integrate the lessons and clear the path forward for what you want in these areas now.

I have had incredible results with this process. If this interests you, get in touch with me.

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