Mind Clearing

A journey to self-discovery
Mind Clearing is an effective psychotherapy that aims to significantly reduce suffering associated with emotional and mental distress.
This process addresses the suffering people experience from mental, emotional and relationship distress. It is based on the observation that inner conflicts and unhappiness are the result of unfulfilled communications and breakdowns in relating.

Clearing takes place in a one-to-one, counselling-style setting and addresses areas that you are interested in working on. I guide you in the exact communication processes to resolve current problems, release the effects of trauma, and develop responsible well-being.

Clearing clients often report a sense of release and inner calm. They report feeling more authentic, having better relationships and being more able to get on with their life projects successfully.

Benefits of Clearing

Boundaries ~ Create and maintain healthy personal boundaries.

Communication ~ Increase communication skills and notice an improvement in all relationships, both business and personal.

Completing Projects ~ Learn where to begin, how to manage your time and resources. What is holding you back from starting or completing it.

Decision Making ~ Resolve difficult decisions regarding whether to end a relationship, quit a job, go back to school, etc.

Depression ~ Clearing offers an alternative in the form of processing, lifestyle changes, and guidance of both a conventional and an alternative nature that does not involve dependence on medication. For a long-term resolution of depressive tendencies, these processes, used over time, can also be a pivotal part of a successful program of gradual lifestyle changes, body balance strategies, personal development, and spiritual progress

Handling Current Problems ~ Address anything in ‘current’ life that is holding you up.

Karma ~ Free up the individual from deep guilt patterns, habits of denial, regrets, withholding in life, and victim states.

Life Events ~ Help in the transitions and changes that occur in marriage, divorce, career, retirement, death, etc.

Life Purpose ~ What really interests you? What are you here in life to do?

Money ~ Help in the areas of saving, spending, debt, retirement, etc.

Sex ~ Are you fulfilled in your sex life? Come to understand your truth in the areas of commitment, pleasure, love and intimacy. Is there resentment, fear, lust or embarrassment? Do you struggle with acceptance of yourself, of the other? What about masturbation or pornography?

Stability ~ Learn to build stable life points such as a steady income, a place to live, or a good relationship.

Trauma ~ This could include emotional, psychological, physical and sexual abuse or assault. Witness to violence, neglect, serious accident, disaster etc.

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