Mind Clearing can be applied in several different ways. It can be very beneficial for those in deep crisis. It can also be profoundly effective for people whose lives are generally going well, but who have certain areas where they feel stuck or feel they have some unfulfilled potential.

To address a current problem, often a single session or just a few sessions are sufficient. Alternatively, packages and on-going weekly sessions can address traumas and deeper patterns, creating an ease in life.

Clearing Packages

** Starter package (first three sessions for new clients @ $95/session) – $285 **

** Student rates available on request **

Monthly package (4 sessions @ $120/session) – $480

Three month package (12 sessions @ $105/session) – $1260

Six month package (24 sessions @ $95/session) – $2280

Twelve month package (52 sessions @ $85/session) – $4420

Individual Sessions

Non-discounted rate – $150

All packages to be paid in full to benefit from the discounted rate.

Emotion Clearing

Individual sessions (1-2 hours, in person) – $195

Emotion Clearing Intensive (six to ten sessions given over three to five days @ $150/session) – $900 to 1500

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