About Cindy

I create a safe space for women to get clarity in all areas of life so that they can move forward successfully.

Cindy Ferrige lives in beautiful rural Alberta with her husband and love of her life of 20 years, Mike. Together they have raised four beautiful, strong-spirited and healthy children; the two oldest have completed school and moved out on their own. Cindy’s commitment to her marriage and family is obvious by the love and respect shared amongst them.

She has an active lifestyle that includes yoga, downhill skiing and instructing, horseback riding and working out. Cindy is also passionate about her horses – a moment spent with them is never wasted.

Over the past eight years Cindy has educated herself, through meditation, studies, courses and life experience, and now has a proven ability to guide clients to live a more fulfilling life. She is known inside and outside her practice for the way she makes others feel safe to show up exactly as they are, to feel heard without judgment. Trained and certified to professionally handle all the challenges our mind can create, she trusts her intuition to assist in guiding clients through their processes.

If you are interested, contact Cindy. She would love to hear from you. Cindy follows a strict code of ethics that includes confidentiality for all clients.

Background & Training

Certified Erotic Blueprints™ Coach ~ Jaiya Ma
    Clearing Training ~ Lawrence Noyes
    • Basics of Clearing Course ~ year l
    • Clearing Training ~ year ll
    • Clearing Training ~ year lll
    • Member of the Clearer’s Association
    Living from Truth ~ Anjali Hill
    • Communication
    • Relationships
    • Contact
    • Cycles
    • Self-Esteem
    Pax ~ Alison Armstrong
    • The Queen’s Workshop
    • Maxing Sense of Men & Satisfying Women
    • Celebrating Men & Sex
    • Men & Marriage
    • Understanding Women – Unlock the Mystery
    • Sierra Benders ~ Goddess to the Core® Certified Instructor
    • Reiki ~ level 1

    Photograph of Cindy Ferrige by Mode LaVan Photography.

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