About Cindy

I create a safe space for women to get clarity in all areas of life so that they can move forward successfully.

As a highly intuitive woman, I live and work from a space of heart connection and grounded reality. My commitment is to love, compassion, and truth. To me, this means I am dedicated to both embodying and expressing these qualities, and guiding others in their journey to discover and embody them in their own unique ways.

I am masterful at holding a safe, loving, and judgment-free space, and have cultivated a reputation as an individual with whom others can show up authentically and speak freely about the most intimate and private details of their lives.

I have dedicated the last dozen years of my life to research, training and courses around sexuality, intimate relationship, and communication tools and skills, in addition to leading women’s groups to self-realization and empowerment; in my private practice I have given close to 800 private individual and coupled sessions to clients. It is a profound joy to offer my gifts in these areas, and I am deeply honoured at the sacred trust others place in me in their journey to truth.

Background & Training

Certified Erotic Blueprints™ Coach ~ Jaiya Ma
    Clearing Training ~ Lawrence Noyes
    • Basics of Clearing Course ~ year l
    • Clearing Training ~ year ll
    • Clearing Training ~ year lll
    • Member of the Clearer’s Association
    Living from Truth ~ Anjali Hill
    • Communication
    • Relationships
    • Contact
    • Cycles
    • Self-Esteem
    Pax ~ Alison Armstrong
    • The Queen’s Workshop
    • Maxing Sense of Men & Satisfying Women
    • Celebrating Men & Sex
    • Men & Marriage
    • Understanding Women – Unlock the Mystery
    • Sierra Benders ~ Goddess to the Core® Certified Instructor
    • Reiki ~ level 1
    Photograph of Cindy Ferrige by Mode LaVan Photography.

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